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A Tale of Two Worlds, by J. Gustavo Góngora

The following story is the result of long-time inspiration, rooted in the existing ambivalences and differences between the so-called European heritage and the American one. It somehow reflects the current problems of society but my aim was to take it as far as I could turning it into a fairy tale. Thus, reading it makes you go deeper and, above all, it can be understood the way you prefer according to your cultural background. When we come down to details, there is even a possible interpretation associated with that of wikipedia, a worldwide project. Finally, I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I did when I wrote the excerpt.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, naïve, Latin American girl called Trisha. Her eyes, blue as the sea and as clear and innocent as nature usually is, inspired confidence and amusement.

She was from a village located in northern Peru, near the border with Ecuador and Colombia. Having been raised and educated within a wealthy and complex Native American culture, Trisha was really fond of her heritage but not fully convinced when talking about ancestral laws and primitive ideas on the issue of marriage.

Being as pretty and childish as it seems she was, the Peruvian little girl dared to ask her father, a traditional hunter and fisher, if there existed any possibility of avoiding certain customs which were against her newly-acquired concepts on the subject of self-determinism and personal independence. Perou-bapa-lama, as people addressed him, became increasingly upset with the query.

- How do you dare to question our God’s will, impertinent daughter? answered the narrow-minded Indian man.

- Daddy, don’t be angry with me…it was just a question – Trisha replied with a big smile and a staring celestial look.

- You were gifted with such an enviable beauty. You are my pride; don’t let people corrupt your pure soul with ‘white’ lies.

- But dad…I’m not laid astray by ‘their’ influence and Christianism, I’ve just fallen in love with ‘one of them’.

Suddenly, her mother arrives with a message to her husband:

- Honey, it’s time.

- Time for what? Trisha enquired.

- The ‘white man’ from hell should die for killing our people. He will fall downwards to the eternal gulf of agony and punishment.

- No, hold on! You cannot do that. He is innocent and…

- And what?

- And he is the man I’m in love with.

- Poor daughter, cursed by evil and cheated by fate. Then you should die with him or live with us. It’s up to you to decide.

Trisha, annoyed by her father’s behaviour and indifference but not afraid of death, even when she could hear her mother crying and yielding for her ‘baby’, was persistent on her will.

The following day was the last for the couple, who died immediately after Perou-bapa-lama had blessed them with an arrow that joined their lives in freedom forever.

- The End -

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